Day 32

Today, I started off another practice sesh with some technique work. I’ve been getting back into the Brahms 51 exercises for piano, but I didn’t include a recording of the exercise I practiced today, the reason being it’s still to difficult for me to record without butchering it; hopefully I can include one in tomorrow’s post. In this particular exercise, 1e, I have to play contrary motion scales and arpeggios, with 6-note sextuplets against 7-note septuplets, and then also 7-note septuplets against eight 32nd notes. It’s a very challenging exercise on polyrhythms and I need to take my time to get the unique “pulse” of each rhythm mentally ingrained.

I’m also chugging along with this last movement of my Beethoven Sonata. I read through to the end of the piece today, but still have a little bit to go before I get the last two pages under my fingers. A little while ago, just out of curiousity, I counted up how many measures of music I had to learn (of my officially assigned Dr. V repertoire, not including my own studies :P) before the first day of classes, August 23rd. I forget the exact number then, but I know it was close to 800. Again, out of curiousity, I did the same thing today, and counted only 395 measures to go. A little math, and if I only learned 5 measures a day, I’d finish in time! (Of course I’m learning waaay more than that a day, haha). To me, this just proves I’m making a lot of good progress and hopefully, I’ll be done with everything mid July or the start of August, so I can start picking up some fancy new semester rep, right in time for lessons!

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