Texting my Dream



My primary text comes from an article from the USA Today newspaper called A Laugh a day may help keep death further away. They explain how buy laughing and smiling you are more likely to live longer, and they get all of their information from Svebak Svebak of the medical school at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He published a study of about 54,000 Norwegians with a cancer diagnosis and tracked them for seven years, while each patient had to fill out questionnaires on how easily they found humor in real life situations and how important a humorous perspective was. In the end, he found that 2,015 patients who had a cancer diagnosis at the start were 70% less likely to die compared to adults with a poor sense of humor.

This article is worth my attention because it has years of research experience by a reliable researcher. Even though the article is short it gives all the information you may need to make a paper. It has statics and explains all the stages of their research process.


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