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“The simulation shown in Figure 26.23 represents a hospital
in which every department has resources which are used by
patients for some duration of time. Each patient has a schedule
of departments to visit; if there are no resources available
(doctors, beds), the patient must wait in line for service. The
Smalltalk description of this situation involves the class of
patients and the class of departments. The generalization to
any hospital configuration with any number of patients is
part of the simulation. The particular example captured in
the pictures shows patients lining up for service in emergency.
It indicates that there is insufficient staff available in that
important area.”

            -Kay and Goldberg

Last semester I took Hpex 300: Health Care in America, and from that class I learned that one of Americas healthcare downsides is that our waiting time is extremely to long. Millions of people have died due to this wait, and the development of devices can dramatically decrease these risks. From many of my classmate’s topics being about technology in hospitals, I strongly believe that devices would be helpful in areas of the hospital. It is impossible for humans not to make mistakes, its part of life, but technology such as Ipad’s are made to decrease all of those mistakes. By using Ipad’s doctors can really focus on the patients quality of care without the stress of worrying of making human mistakes.


I really liked JALAFARQUHAR (http://rampages.us/jalafarquhar/2014/07/15/personal-dynamic-nugget/) because she changed up her daily nugget post, she choose a topic that she did not agree with. Most of us, including myself, choose a topic we agree with because it is the easiest. I like the change of pace. I agree with her when she states that she does not believe “marks on paper, paint on walls, and motion pictures and television” aren’t nonconversational and passive.

yusr4    (http://yusr4.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/personal-dynamic-media-nugget/ ) choose the same nugget as me and we expressed the same concerns. The  statement that stood out the most from Yusr4 is, “Patient care is/should be the number one thing on doctors minds, but sometimes it is impossible to give the best kind of hospital to all patients”. Like I said in my post, millions die every year from the long waits in emergency rooms, and it is terrifying to think this is the reality we live in.

I liked N30nRainbow (http://rampages.us/n30n/2014/07/15/nugget-about-personal-dynamic-media-monday-07142014/) nugget post because they did an excellent job of connecting their primary text with the nugget. They were also did a good job of connecting it to their project about video emails. I think that for their project they could add tags or outlines to the video email so if you go back you have a quick summary to refer to.




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