Blending Science Ed

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This site was created by Dianne Jennings and Jill Reid as part of a presentation. The participants in the workshop went out into the world to capture images that represented the change they were looking to make in their course. The propagated the blog via email. What’s the right blend?

Timeline for Learning

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  This is the first iteration of a course that challenged students to track their intellectual development as they interfaced with thinking tools / strategies that emerged in the class. TimelineJS was used as the tool for constructing the course narrative as well as individual narratives.

UNIV 200 Course Site

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A UNIV 200 course that displays student work in some interesting and visual ways. It’s also worth exploring for other course related elements. See live: a question with student responses animated! Plugins Used Author Avatars List, Authors Widget, FeedWordPress, LayerSLider WP, Q&A WordPress Questions and answers section. Theme Statua

Interdisciplinary Research Methods

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This is a graduate level ¬†first course in Social Research Methods being offered this summer in a 12 week schedule, completely online. The course is being developed by an ALT Lab Faculty Learning Community interested in using connected learning principles, an interdisciplinary format, and syndicated faculty and student blogs. Note the collapsable sections under Schedule…. Read more »

Ferguson USA

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Ferguson USA: Race and Criminal Justice in Historical Perspective is an open course with all of the students set as authors on the main class blog.