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This site was built around posing provocative questions that lead to deeper conversations about education. Moreover, we wanted to make it visually appealing and easy for people to participate.

This webpage helps people make posts with ease because it is built on gravity forms: seamless and intuitive.

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  1. ehale2

    I’ve been using this site regularly with faculty over the last semester. In some cases I have faculty explore all the questions and then choose one that they find exceptionally challenging, interesting or relevant. Another approach has been to present everyone with the same question and have them discuss. NOTE – the methods used to organize the discussions vary, but all model practical pedagogy they can apply in their classroom settings. Both approaches have really helped stimulate substantive discussions. I have found that the questions that surface most regularly are those that deal with identity. For example, “If a car can drive across the country without a driver, then do students really need a teacher?” Discussion fodder!


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