Part 2: The Planning

The first dreamer i will connect to my categories is the┬áComputer Lib/ Dream Machines. I enjoy the connection of Thomas Paine’s book “Common Sense” due to the fact of the connection of my categories such as education, research, and harm reduction. I would personally argue that implementing a harm-reduction policy would strongly be in accordance with the term common sense. All my categories coincide is some form, education and research would directly lead to a path of harm-reduction, which would eventually connect to moderation.

The second dreamer ive chosen is from the Man-computer symbiosis reading. I want to connect this reading since it mentions the creation of a information system that binds the human brain with computing systems. This format of information deliverance connects with my categories in accordance with education and research. With more and more formats of sharing information such as forums, social media, apps, etc. being created and gaining popularity in regards to users, the goal of a stronger basis for education and research will be spear-headed in the right direction. This is part of my main goal within the scope of my project, to share information, to educate, and to help others understand research that is prevalent within many of these technological formats (forums, social media, apps, etc.).

My third dreamer is from the Englebart reading. I found a connection with the reading since it mentions how learning is achieved through a form of organized structure and/or through experience. It takes time to learn about something so if you push yourself to research a topic you can gain much expertise from studying others experiences and applying them to your own.

All these readers fall under my categories, mainly of education, research, and then the overall connection of harm-reduction.

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