Course Development Resources

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Developing an online course can be difficult. This page includes resources (links & downloads) to help you conceptualize and begin to build your online course.

Step 1: Conceptualizing Your Course

First, to develop a course online, you will need to understand the bigger picture in regards to your course. Mind-Mapping can help! The resources below can help you map out your online course and identify your course objectives:

Useful Links:

Step 2: Build a Course Outline

Next, you will need to build a course structure. The resources below can assist you with beginning to fill in the nuts and bolts.

Designing Your Course Structure:


Online Course Structure and Layout examples:

Useful Links:

  • The following link allows you to download a template in Excel sheets so that you can easily create your course structure.

Step 3: Inform Your Students

Online learning often requires students to change their workflow, as well as their way of thinking about coursework. The links below provide resources and examples to create an online syllabus:

Step 4: Planning for Student Engagement

Lastly, online learning is more than just putting up a PowerPoint and some readings online. Like in the face-to-face classroom setting, students must engage with the material in an effective manner to maximize learning. The resources below can assist you with planning for student engagement:

Step 5: Wait, I have to build this thing now?

Feeling overwhelmed? Never fear, the ALT Lab is here! We offer two paths by which to obtain assistance in developing your online course:

  1. Take a class – We offer a series of courses in order to guide you through this process and the evaluation of your course. For more information on those courses please visit our Certificate Program on the Professional Development page.
  2. Work 1:1 with an  Instructional Designer– If you need a more flexible timeline or just prefer to work one on one with someone, please reach out to our instructional design consultation team to make an appointment.

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Hungry for more?

ALT Lab offers a number of facilitated courses in our  Certificate Program and through our series of Self-Paced courses. Please check out our website for more details or, for a custom professional development request, please contact us using this form.