WordPress Menus

WordPress can be a powerful tool to support virtual learning when it is used as an Learning Management System (LMS).  VCU has had to WordPress for several years, and many instructors continue to use it as the primary tool to communicate and disseminate learning in their courses.

If you are choosing to deploy WordPress for your course, then there are some practical measures which can make it easily accessible for your students.  The following outlines outlines some considerations for how best to use WordPress to facilitate learning for your class.


How to you chooses to setup the navigation tools for students will greatly enhance or detract from the student’s experience online learning via WordPress.

Below you see the way a menu could be setup, much of the menu design is dictated by the overall course design.  The class in which the menu structure was taken relied on students individual blog post to drive conversation.

When using WordPress and thinking about how the layout of you classroom; it is important to think about how you want students to navigate the site and the learning for your class.

Below is video which details how to create and manipulate menu items in WordPress:


Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

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