What is Voice Thread? How do I Use It?

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Voice Thread

Making connections with students is an important aspect of creating a positive online learning experience, and helps students to become engage with learning the subject matter.  A simple and effective way to connect with your students is through Voice Thread.

Voice Thread is a Audio/Video discussion tool that is available for free online, as well as integrated with VCU Blackboard.  Please watch the following video to learn more:


And here is how to actually operate and create a new Voice Thread:

Voice Thread can be used with your Blackboard account to spark engaging conversations on whatever topic you see fit.  VCU Technology Services offers support and information on Voice Thread (VCU Tech Services).  Also, please note the Voice Thread Privacy Policy.

While the myth of 90% of communication being non-verbal has been debunked, online critics continue to stress the loss of “in person” cues in the online environment. The intent behind Voice Thread is to offer students opportunities to come contact with the professor, as well as, other classmates which will offer opportunities for them to feel connected and inspired to learn.

Never used Voice Thread before? Don’t know how to post or interact with the software? The following videos are a great reference for first time users of Voice Thread, please enjoy:

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

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