What is FlipGrid? How Do I Use It?

Flipgrid is a social learning platform that allows educators to ask a question either through a video or voice recording, then the students can respond in a video or voice recording.  Students can write comments in Flipgrid on teacher or student created videos.  This web of discussion creates an online community where knowledge is shared and created.

The following video illustrates how to sign up and activate your account:

Still not convinced?  Check out this video on Flipgrid:

Don’t like to watch videos, well Flipgrid has a lot of great resources and an active community on their website, or you can check out this teacher’s website to see how to use it and integrate Flipgrid into your classroom.

Finally, a really cool feature of Flipgrid is its disco library, which allows you to access previously made lesson which are free to use and re-use.  Check out the video below to learn more:

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

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