As we may think

Throughout time scientist have been used for military needs primarily and everything else is considered secondary until we reach a time of peace again. Not only do scientists exhaust themselves working on military based research but they also may work for prolonged periods of time just to create something which no one understands the purpose or use of. An example of this is when Mendel published his research regarding his discoveries in the field of DNA no one that red it could comprehend it and the information was not completely harnessed until years later. Scientists also come out with inventions which may not be entirely worth the cost associated. I believe in that case the scientist did not get the consumer/user to understand the machine created. Scientists are often misunderstood sometimes due to lack of understand while communicating, especially since most forms of communication are records which were kept and not always easily explained, especially by an individual who did not create the record themselves so may not fully understand. Regardless scientists are and will always be important to developing the future technologically.

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