Brainstorming For Inquiry


Smoking and its affects on your health, Eating habits (obesity, anorexia), Habits that annoy others (chewing on your nails in public), Habits are developed, gross habits (picking your nose), Hygienic habits (shower, brushing teeth), Breaking habits, alcohol drinking habits, Recreational drug use habits, Religious habits, Animal habits


The World Cup, Bad musicians like Justin Bieber WHY?, Problems taking place in Iraq, Eric Cantor losing the primary, Kendrick Llamar, Apple generation (Iphone, Ipod..), Xbox One/PS4, NBA Playoffs, Popular Tv Shows (ex:breaking Bad), Popular movies, Scientology


Roles (stay at home mom), Those who switch genders, First female to play college football, differences between men and women in sports, Women’s new role in the military, Gender specific jobs, sexual assault in the work place


Gay rights, FIFA Corruption over world cup 2022 location, John F. Kennedy assassination, Mafia Syndicate, The new Playoff system in college football, Racism, Monopolization of large corporations, religion. Police brutality, marijuana legalization, Protests in Brazil over the world cup,

Places or Spaces

Brazil, Italy, England, California, Colorado, ParkCity Utah, Snowbird, NYC, Tokyo, Qatar, Somali Coast, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Mountains, American by Birth Southern by the grace of God, Hogwarts.


Spiders, Snakes, Heights, Weird Fears (balloons), different phobia names, Dogs, Jungle cats, Sharks, Drowning, Being attacked walking home from class (we are in Richmond), becoming paralyzed.


Soccer, Football, Basketball, Chess, Alternative sports (Quiditch), Snowboarding, Very extreme sports (MotoX, Skydiving), Bowling, DIY (at home projects), Cooking/baking, Watching movies/Tv Shows, Animals (exotic), Pets dogs/cats


Best show/movie/music of all time debate (impossible to include a best book), The Sopranos, How I Met Your Mother, James Bond Series (both book and movies), Who is the best James Bond of all time, Is there a movie that is better than its book version?, The Departed, Mafia movies (Godfather series, goodfellas…), Actors gone crazy (Tom Cruise), Harry Potter Series


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