Reflective Writing For Concept Experience #2

In deciding to research the Fifa Qatar Voting scandal, it is important to note that this type of information would never be available to a student if it weren’t for the internet and the symbiosis between man and information systems in our modern age. It is because of our symbiosis with computer’s that formulative thinking is so difficult and it is easier to allow a computer information system such as Google to form a thought for you. However, with those same systems, it is easier to learn more about a topic in which you may have a little information and would like to earn more, and because of that, this concept experience shows that computers can aim man’s formulative thinking by allowing us to explore our initial thoughts more deeply and develop it into a formulated thought.

FIFA has always interested me and currently the voting scandal concerning the Qatar World Cup so I began with the Wikipedia page related to that scandal that is taking place. From there I clicked on the names of people that looked like they were connected or anything that seemed interesting and as relatable to controversy within FIFA.

  1. qatar-world-cup-plans
  2. Jack-Warner-007_0
  3. 961922-mohamed-bin-hammam
  4. 200px-Caribbean_Football_Union (DEAD END)
  5. Sepp-blatter-006
  6. 0,,16715029_401,00
  7. Dead end
  8. Dead end
  9. Joao-Havelange-007


Home Office of Dentsu
Home Office of Dentsu

(all dead ends and related)

2 thoughts on “Reflective Writing For Concept Experience #2”

  1. Hey Samuel: Do you go by Sam or Samuel? Sorry if you already told me. You did a good job with the concept experience. I don’t know much about the Fifa Qatar voting scandal. Is this what you want to study? It sounds like it could be very interesting and good topic for this inquiry project. Can you tell me more about it please and the type of inquiry question/research question you might ask?

  2. I actually didn’t know about the voting scandal so this is actually new to me. I’m not a big sports person but i do get a little excited when big sporting events come by though! I think it’s interesting that you put the links up and marked the dead ends for us so that we can go through your process ourselves, thank you!

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