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What kind of corruption has allegedly occurred  within FIFA regarding the location of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, in Qatar?


FiFA has recently been clouded in a cloak of shadows with many allegations of corruption over the past few decades which always circle around the same basic concept, greed. All of the scandals that have and may have occurred have always been regarding money. During this world cup FIFA has been condemned by the nation of individuals who love the sport most, Brazil. One would think the world cup taking place in Brazil would make the locals happy, however what the international public may¬†not know is that the nation has gone through extensive lengths to give the city a “good image” to the tourists. Locals who lived in favelas, Brazilian slums, were evicted while the government is building a stadium in Manaus, located within the Amazon, which cost roughly $300 million. While many uneducated to the circumstances think the World Cup would bring Brazil money, in reality FIFA is the only one to really profit. Therefore the citizens and many activists around the world think Brazil could have better spent the money that went toward the World Cup.

Brazil Soccer World Cup Preview

This case regarding the World Cup has interested me into reading about FIFA and led me to learning and wanting to learn more about the allegations and investigation into the location of the World Cup 2022.


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  1. Hi Samuel,
    You did a good job pitching a topic about which you are sincerely interested. The only problem is that it has nothing to do with new media. As you know, all topics and research questions (RQs) must be related to new media/digital media. Now, don’t fret: there are many ways you can connect this topic to new media and still study what interests you. You need to do this before you move forward though. Please email me your ideas this weekend, and definitely do this BEFORE MONDAY.

  2. I live currently in Doha and so I interested in your research. My personal opinion is that there was bribing involved. Today the temperature here went up to 45 degrees Celsius in the shade during the day and many days are even hotter. So nobody in their right uncorrupted mind would decide to have a World Cup here. Good luck uncovering the conspiracy!

  3. It blows my mind how the most popular sport in the world can be run by such a corrupt organization. They’ve been calling for the removal of Sepp Blatter for years yet the man still remains in his position. That alone should speak a thousand words. Qatar is going to be a fiasco. Look at the problems they’re having with the heat in Brazil right now where temperatures are 88-98F degrees. Qatar is supposed to be above 120F degrees in the summer. Not to mention the human rights violations that are already occurring and there’s still 8 more years to go! This is another important issue that really needs to be dealt with. Good luck researching this and I look forward to reading your posts and finding out more!

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