Interest Invetory

Places- Brazil, Spain, Italy, Rome, Barcelona

Trends- Over use of Technology, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Posting too much on Social media, Smoking

Things- Cars, Snowboards, Soccer Ball

Technology- Internet, WiFi, Macbooks, PC’s

People- Neymar, Lionel Messi, Nick Saban, Putin

Controversies- FIFA Worldcup scandal, Abortion, Gay marriage

History- Holocaust, Rowanda, Split of Korea

Jobs- Auditing, Procurement analysis, Central Finance Officer,

Habits- Cracking joints, smoking,

Hobbies- Playing Video games, Playing soccer, Animals, Dogs


Who killed John F. Kennedy?

Why do we still have no definite answer?

What corruption takes place in FIFA?

Is the determining the location of the World Cup corrupted?


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