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Interest Invetory

Places- Brazil, Spain, Italy, Rome, Barcelona

Trends- Over use of Technology, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Posting too much on Social media, Smoking

Things- Cars, Snowboards, Soccer Ball

Technology- Internet, WiFi, Macbooks, PC’s

People- Neymar, Lionel Messi, Nick Saban, Putin

Controversies- FIFA Worldcup scandal, Abortion, Gay marriage

History- Holocaust, Rowanda, Split of Korea

Jobs- Auditing, Procurement analysis, Central Finance Officer,

Habits- Cracking joints, smoking,

Hobbies- Playing Video games, Playing soccer, Animals, Dogs


Who killed John F. Kennedy?

Why do we still have no definite answer?

What corruption takes place in FIFA?

Is the determining the location of the World Cup corrupted?


Inquiry Project Proposal

What kind of corruption has allegedly occurred  within FIFA regarding the location of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, in Qatar?


FiFA has recently been clouded in a cloak of shadows with many allegations of corruption over the past few decades which always circle around the same basic concept, greed. All of the scandals that have and may have occurred have always been regarding money. During this world cup FIFA has been condemned by the nation of individuals who love the sport most, Brazil. One would think the world cup taking place in Brazil would make the locals happy, however what the international public may not know is that the nation has gone through extensive lengths to give the city a “good image” to the tourists. Locals who lived in favelas, Brazilian slums, were evicted while the government is building a stadium in Manaus, located within the Amazon, which cost roughly $300 million. While many uneducated to the circumstances think the World Cup would bring Brazil money, in reality FIFA is the only one to really profit. Therefore the citizens and many activists around the world think Brazil could have better spent the money that went toward the World Cup.

Brazil Soccer World Cup Preview

This case regarding the World Cup has interested me into reading about FIFA and led me to learning and wanting to learn more about the allegations and investigation into the location of the World Cup 2022.


Second Nugget


J.C.R. Licklider predicts the future of technology in this 1960 quote:

“In not too many years, human brains and computing machines will be coupled together very tightly, and that the resulting partnership will think as no human brain has ever thought and process data in a way not approached by the information-handling machines we know today.”

In 2014, 54 years after Licklider wrote these words, we now have computer information systems that allow us to instantly connect with other individuals, sell products, and easily gather information in ways that could not have been imagined in the 1960’s. Licklider’s theory was solely based on the present abilities of computer systems to store data and process mathematical information at fast rates, but conventions and systems like the internet in 2014 would have never been imagined. Still, this quote shows that Licklider definitely foresaw the impact that computer based technology would have on modern and affluent human society.



This 2009 survey shows that a majority of facebook users were among 18-25 year old ands 26-34 year olds, individuals who were old enough to effectively utilize the new technology information systems available by easy access to computers and the internet. Facebook allows users to easily communicate to each other, and allows advertising services to easily access a huge market of users with ads and services. Everything from games to dating services are sold to users on Facebook, and if information system technologies like Computers and now smart-phones were to disappear, hundreds of billions of dollars in international business would be effected.

Licklider understood our growing symbiosis with technology, and in our present day we can see that his words are more true than he may have possibly imagined.

Reflective Writing For Concept Experience #2

In deciding to research the Fifa Qatar Voting scandal, it is important to note that this type of information would never be available to a student if it weren’t for the internet and the symbiosis between man and information systems in our modern age. It is because of our symbiosis with computer’s that formulative thinking is so difficult and it is easier to allow a computer information system such as Google to form a thought for you. However, with those same systems, it is easier to learn more about a topic in which you may have a little information and would like to earn more, and because of that, this concept experience shows that computers can aim man’s formulative thinking by allowing us to explore our initial thoughts more deeply and develop it into a formulated thought.

FIFA has always interested me and currently the voting scandal concerning the Qatar World Cup so I began with the Wikipedia page related to that scandal that is taking place. From there I clicked on the names of people that looked like they were connected or anything that seemed interesting and as relatable to controversy within FIFA.

  1. qatar-world-cup-plans
  2. Jack-Warner-007_0
  3. 961922-mohamed-bin-hammam
  4. 200px-Caribbean_Football_Union (DEAD END)
  5. Sepp-blatter-006
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  7. Dead end
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  9. Joao-Havelange-007


Home Office of Dentsu
Home Office of Dentsu

(all dead ends and related)

Brainstorming For Inquiry


Smoking and its affects on your health, Eating habits (obesity, anorexia), Habits that annoy others (chewing on your nails in public), Habits are developed, gross habits (picking your nose), Hygienic habits (shower, brushing teeth), Breaking habits, alcohol drinking habits, Recreational drug use habits, Religious habits, Animal habits


The World Cup, Bad musicians like Justin Bieber WHY?, Problems taking place in Iraq, Eric Cantor losing the primary, Kendrick Llamar, Apple generation (Iphone, Ipod..), Xbox One/PS4, NBA Playoffs, Popular Tv Shows (ex:breaking Bad), Popular movies, Scientology


Roles (stay at home mom), Those who switch genders, First female to play college football, differences between men and women in sports, Women’s new role in the military, Gender specific jobs, sexual assault in the work place


Gay rights, FIFA Corruption over world cup 2022 location, John F. Kennedy assassination, Mafia Syndicate, The new Playoff system in college football, Racism, Monopolization of large corporations, religion. Police brutality, marijuana legalization, Protests in Brazil over the world cup,

Places or Spaces

Brazil, Italy, England, California, Colorado, ParkCity Utah, Snowbird, NYC, Tokyo, Qatar, Somali Coast, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Mountains, American by Birth Southern by the grace of God, Hogwarts.


Spiders, Snakes, Heights, Weird Fears (balloons), different phobia names, Dogs, Jungle cats, Sharks, Drowning, Being attacked walking home from class (we are in Richmond), becoming paralyzed.


Soccer, Football, Basketball, Chess, Alternative sports (Quiditch), Snowboarding, Very extreme sports (MotoX, Skydiving), Bowling, DIY (at home projects), Cooking/baking, Watching movies/Tv Shows, Animals (exotic), Pets dogs/cats


Best show/movie/music of all time debate (impossible to include a best book), The Sopranos, How I Met Your Mother, James Bond Series (both book and movies), Who is the best James Bond of all time, Is there a movie that is better than its book version?, The Departed, Mafia movies (Godfather series, goodfellas…), Actors gone crazy (Tom Cruise), Harry Potter Series


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As we may think

Throughout time scientist have been used for military needs primarily and everything else is considered secondary until we reach a time of peace again. Not only do scientists exhaust themselves working on military based research but they also may work for prolonged periods of time just to create something which no one understands the purpose or use of. An example of this is when Mendel published his research regarding his discoveries in the field of DNA no one that red it could comprehend it and the information was not completely harnessed until years later. Scientists also come out with inventions which may not be entirely worth the cost associated. I believe in that case the scientist did not get the consumer/user to understand the machine created. Scientists are often misunderstood sometimes due to lack of understand while communicating, especially since most forms of communication are records which were kept and not always easily explained, especially by an individual who did not create the record themselves so may not fully understand. Regardless scientists are and will always be important to developing the future technologically.