Liza Kremer


  Liza is an alum of VCU and has been with the team since May 2019. While Liza initially started with the team as an independent study research assistant, they now consider themselves a volunteer and hope to be with the team until the very end!

  Liza graduated in May 2020 with their Bachelor's of Social Work. Liza will be attending University of Denver starting this summer to pursue their Master's of Social Work with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Policy Practice.

  Liza's goals as a social worker include opening an LGBT agency, possibly pursuing a PhD with a focus on the LGBT community, and working within Education (and probably housing!) policy.

  Liza currently lives in Colorado with their two cats, Mango and Mr. Moo (pictured below). In their free time, Liza enjoys running, weightlifting (when it is safe again), rollerskating, playing and cuddling with their kitties, painting, reading, and writing stories.