Prior to reaching out to Dr. McDonald, please check out this resource list for VCU SSW students interested in Human-Animal Interaction.


1. How can I reach Dr. McDonald?

A: Dr. McDonald can be reached via email, Twitter, and LinkedIn:

Email: shelby.mcdonald OR CFARgroup

Twitter: @DrShelbyMcD 


2. Can Dr. McDonald serve on my thesis/dissertation committee? 

A: Yes. Dr. McDonald's current university affiliations and roles include:

-Affiliate Faculty, VCU Department of Psychology

-Affiliate Faculty, VCU School of Social Work

-Research Assistant Professor, Global Forensic and Justice Center, College of Arts, Sciences & Education, Florida International University (FIU)

Note: For students external to these institutions, Dr. McDonald considers committee involvement on a case-by-case basis.

3. Can Dr. McDonald sponsor my independent study or directed research?

A: Yes. However, this depends on your program. Dr. McDonald is only accepting paid teaching contracts at the current time.