Traffic has to be the most annoying thing on Earth, as I am sitting here in traffic typing this blog it made me think about how exactly traffic can occur. I came to the realizations that traffic can occur from: car accidents, people driving slow, amount of cars on a particular path, and time of day. There are many more causes of traffic but these are just a few that I have come up with. So for the first reason I listed, car accidents this one is the most common to me. Car accidents can be caused by multiple things like when individuals are not fully engaged in driving. When an accident occurs it causes cars to back up and then it leads to angry and frustrated drivers, which can lead to more accidents. The one that I cannot stand the most is slow drivers, if you are driving below the speed limit on the highway and in the fast lane that can definitely cause a build up of angry drivers to start honking their horns at you. Most of the time the slow drivers are the elderly who cannot move as fast as they used to. When there are too many cars trying to take one way to reach a destination it can cause traffic because there may not be enough lanes or the road may be too narrow. Lastly the time of day can have a huge impact on traffic, because if it is around 5p.m. then you can definitely expected there to be traffic because a lot of people are getting off of work around that time. Some people may be trying to go out for dinner or even go out for the night. I remember whenever I would get stuck in traffic I would always say to myself ” Why is there traffic, when everyone could just keep driving and keep up with the pace.” As I got older I realized that there is a lot more to the concept of traffic. But we have to come to accept traffic because it is just apart of driving and it will probably never go away, at least not anytime soon. I will say that I do not think that I will ever come to the point where I am comfortable with the stop and go part of it. Lastly, traffic is probably the most annoying thing to me.

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  1. perezbm March 3, 2019 at 2:50 am

    This is exactly what I wrote my blog post about for this week! I was sitting in traffic thinking that there has to be another way to fix this solution we are about to have cars that drive themselves so maybe that will help with the countries traffic problem. However, I looked more into it and I saw that many different companies around the world are looking into different solutions for the problem. One company the boring company founded by Elon Musk is looking into creating underground tunnels that would allow cars to travel at ridiculous speeds eliminating traffic because it will all be controlled by robots leaving out the possibility of human error such as a car accident. Which tends to clog up an entire highway and in some cases shut it down entirely.

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