There is a festival called Something In the Water that Pharrell has planned at oceanfront during beach weekend. This festival has caused a lot of talk among people who live in Virginia. The reason for this is because Virginia Beach does not really get put on the map a lot when it comes to well known performers coming here. So, the fact that Pharrell is bringing a lot of big named musicians to the 757 is a huge event. The tickets went on sell at 12pm on March 8th, and the cheaper ones sold out within one minute (luckily I got mine). I believe that a lot of people underestimated how fast the tickets would sell. I do not think that those who are not from the 757 area realize how big of a deal this festival is to us and how this can be a monumental moment for the area. With all that being said I believe that this festival has a deeper meaning, in regard to bringing more awareness to this area and putting it on the map.  I just hope that everything goes according to the plan and that it will not rain. Because there will be so many different events going on besides the main stage where all the performers will be performing. I feel that the main issue is going to be parking because based off the layout of this event there is not a lot of room for parking and on top of that the parking will probably be really expensive. Then on top of that a lot of the hotels are booked up and some people who are coming from out of town will have to find hotels that are far away from all the festivities. But if they are lucky they may find one close but majority of the hotels have gone up on their rates per night because of the festival. I am just curious to see all the different events going on and the different stands that will be advertising and selling things there. I am just happy that we are getting a big festival down at the oceanfront and that it will be a weekend filled with a lot of activities and memorable moments. Overall, I feel that this festival is more than just a celebration but it will open many doors for the oceanfront and more performs will want to perform here.

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