I believe that a good conversation consists of everyone in the conversation engaging in active communication. There are many ways for this to happen like: bring up new topics, ask questions, show interest, and try to relate to the other individuals. For example, when it comes to bringing up new ideas it is just as easy as coming up with a topic you are interested in. You just have to be willing to keep the others in your conversation engaged and ready to hear more about your conversation. Asking questions is another way to keep a good conversation when you ask questions it shows that you actually are listening to what the individual or individuals are discussing.  When you ask questions it can make the individual more happy and continue engaging in conversation with you. When it comes to showing interest you can do this in multiple ways; it does not have to be in a vocal way it can be in the way you stand or your body language.  Sometimes relating to other people can be hard. But, this is a very important concept when engaging in conversation with others. When you can find ways to relate to individuals and can make you and the individual you are talking to feel more open to communicate with them. A good conversation can make someone’s day because you never know how much they needed to have a good conversation with a person. As you can see it does not take a lot to have a good conversation, you just have to mainly show interest in the conversation. But on the flip side a lot of people are just not good at holding conversations, even if they are actually engaged in the conversation. But, I feel that if you show the person that you are genuinely interested in what they are saying then they will feel as if what they are saying is important.  At the same time, I feel that a person should not feel uncomfortable with a conversation if they do not feel like talking. As you can see there is a lot that can go into having a good conversation with someone, especially if you do not know the person. When you have a good conversation with someone it will make them want to talk to you more. In conclusion, it is not that hard to have a good conversation with someone ; just follow some of the things I listed above.

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