There are a lot of people who have a difficult time trying to transition from high school to college. A lot of that has to do with how exactly their high school prepared them for high education, and that can vary from each high school because every place is different. With that being said it can cause the students to not get all the knowledge or preparation that they need for higher education. Which can make the student start off on a bad path when they begin their higher education learning. I know a lot of my friends I have met in college came from different backgrounds and different forms of high school and I do believe that some have received better preparation for college than others. With that being said it is not necessarily fair to the ones who have not had the knowledge to gain the different skills and insight they need for higher education. I believe that lack of preparation is part of the reason why many students do not stay in college because it becomes overwhelming and it is completely different than high school. Thinking about that is kind of said because many of these people could thrive in college but they just were not prepared.  On the other hand some students go through these feelings but do not say anything and try to handle everything on their own and become overwhelmed and stressed out. I believe that there are many ways to fix this like: colleges could have more programs that help with the transitioning phase, high schools can try to incorporate more college based moments and activities. There are many other ways to fix this issue those are just only a few. I also believe that some of this responsibility falls on the student, they have to ask for help and sometimes they can be a hard thing for someone. But you just have to push the nerves to the side and ask for help because in the long run it will be worth it. Overcoming this is not impossible I believe that you just have to be motivated and stay focused , which can be hard to do in college when you have all this free time. Also, joining activities around campus and being apart of different organizations that allow you to express yourself or even get you out of your comfort zone, just explore what the campus has to offer you. 

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