The weather lately has been very unpredictable, it will be sunny and feel amazing outside for a few days then it becomes cold and rainy the next couple of days. A lot of people take advantage of the hot days and wear shorts and all these different summer clothes and enjoy the weather. But in reality this is not a good thing because when the weather the next day is cold a lot of people end up being sick because they underestimate the weather. I know we all wish the weather would be consistent so we can break out all our spring clothes and not worry about keeping a couple of sweaters. But sadly, we have to do this and keep those Ugg’s out because the weather here in Virginia is so inconsistent that you never know how exactly it will feel outside.  I know personally for me on the days were it is surprisingly in the 70s and feeling like spring I fall into the trap of wearing spring like clothes and then the next couple days it will be cold outside or raining. Then just like clock work a couple days later my throat starts to feel weird and scratchy and then my nose becomes stuffy. Even though I know this is going to happen every now and then when that warm weather comes I cannot resist  putting on my shades and my spring outfit. I feel that it is a psychological thing and you just feel the warmness outside and you start to feel positive also. But when it is cold and gloomy outside you are not excited to go outside and walk in the cold and the rain. I believe that when it is sunny outside people are more happy and more likely to be sociable and to interact with others. I think that it is so interesting how the weather can impact how someone is feeling and how friendly they can be. I know there probably have been multiple studies on this particular topic. For example this upcoming weekend it is supposed to be in the 70s and sunny outside but next week it  With that being said I cannot wait for the weather to be consistent and for it to actually start feeling like spring. Hopefully, we will not have to wait too much longer to put away all of our winter clothes and keep our spring attire out.

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