As my Freshman year comes to an end, I can say that I have grown as a person a lot. When I say this I mean that I have matured, become more focused on my future, and more confident about who I am becoming. A lot of people that I know who went to college said that their Freshman year was a huge adjustment and growing experience. When they would tell me this I did not really understand what they were talking about and I did not really think that I would change that much. But as I approach the end of my Freshman year I have realized that I have changed; and I believe that it is a change for the better. For example I have developed better study habits, learning when I need to say no to hanging out and yes to studying, and realizing that being by yourself is a good thing sometimes. During the middle of Freshman year I was always out and about with friends and I never really had time to unwind and be to myself. I will say that I realized this kind of late that I need to spend time with myself and to enjoy my own company. When it comes to developing better study habits I was kind of unsure how to study first semester for certain classes because in high school I would not study as much but I would still get a good grade. During first semester I started to slowly figure out how to study better and I believe that once second semester started I was more adamant to focus on my studies and to develop better habits. Also, I had to figure something out when it came to studying because I took a lot harder classes this semester. When it comes to growing as a person I can say that as the year went on I have matured a lot and I started to really focus on what it is I want to do for the rest of my life. I used to think that it was bad if I was unsure about my path, because I did not want to feel as if I was wasting my time freshman year. But as I started to progress through the year I realized that it is okay to not have everything figured out. I think that coming to this realization was a huge part of growing up.

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  1. dickersonms April 5, 2019 at 2:16 pm

    You are totally right that college, especially freshman year, can change people for the better. Like you I have developed better study habits and grew to be confident in who I am as a person. College is really different from high school because there it was kind of easy to slack off on homework and studying but in college us students are held accountable for how much time and effort we put into our studies and classes. And because VCU is such a diverse and accepting community it was really easy for me to become more confident in myself and personality. I feel like in high school many people were very judgmental and it was hard to truly be yourself without feeling like you were doing something wrong. But in college that isn’t an issue.

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