The semester is starting to come to a close and everyone is feeling stressed out because of finals. I think that it is important for everyone to maintain their sanity and try to keep up with self care and to stay positive. I have learned that around the end of the semester it can be very stressful and overwhelming, because you want to keep up the grade you worked hard for or either bring up a grade that you have not worked as hard on in the beginning. A lot of people do not know how to study for finals and that can have a huge impact on their final grade and it can lead to more stress in a person. Many individuals get overwhelmed around this time because they do not know how to study everything that they have learned in a semester and then on top of that they still have to do work in these classes leading up to the final.

Well some of the things I like to do to prepare for finals is: meet with a group of individuals in the same class as me, attend exam review sessions, figure out what information I do not understand from class and study that first. The material that I really do not feel confident about I try to study it everyday for at least thirty minutes and then on weekends I study longer. I believe that to get the best out of studying that you should start early and gradually learn/remember the information. When you cram for big tests and try to relearn a lot of information in one night you will not retain the information as well as you would if you gradually study. When it comes to studying for things like this you should not procrastinate. Another tip when it comes to studying for finals is to not over work yourself, know your limits, and take breaks when needed. When you are studying for something as rigorous as a final you may think that you have to be inĀ  the library 24/7 studying the material, not necessarily, taking breaks will allow you to destress and stay calm. Another good thing to try when studying is to look at videos online related to the class you are studying for. Sometimes looking at videos can help a person better understand the material that they are struggling with. Last but not least staying positive is something very important to remember around this stressful time.

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  1. hannahmelvin April 12, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    I feel like a lot of students don’t take the time to pay attention to themselves and how they are feeling throughout the school year, but during finals week its a lot worse. This post is really helpful and I think a lot of people will benefit from the tips you provided. Staying positive in stressful times can result in better outcomes. For example, if we say negative things like “I’m so going to fail this test” and we put negative energy into the universe, then that will most likely be the outcome. But, if we stay positive and say things like “I will do my best on this test, and no matter the outcome I know that I did the best I could and that’s all the matters” then we will do better.

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