I have learned that when you have a positive mind set you feel as if you are on top of the world and that you can accomplish anything. It can be hard to keep a positive mind set when you feel as if things are not going your way. But when you feel like that you just have to think of all the positive things going on in your life at the moment. Finding joy in the small things that happen to you can create a ripple affect and then slowly you will start to see things in a more positive light. I know one thing that I try to do is tell myself that you have to just stay positive and remember that some people in the world have it a lot worse than you do. It can be hard to keep a positive mind set at all times because life can be tough sometimes and you may feel that there is no ending to how you are feeling, but there is you just have to be patient and keep that positive mentality.

While having a negative mentality can lead a person to feel bad about themselves, and that things will always be bad. Thinking like this is not good for a person’s mind and it can impact them physically in every day activities. Sometimes it can help to talk to someone that you trust or you know will make you feel better and help you achieve that positive mind set. I feel that everyone should strive to have a positive mind set because you never know how far thinking positive can take you. Many people who become successful have had a lot of rough patches in their lives, but they did not let the negativity cloud their judgement, instead they stayed positive. Also, taking up different productive activities can help a person stay positive because it allows for an outlet, and it may even become a hobby that a person takes up. When you start to have a positive attitude you start to see the world in a positive light and you feel more motivated to succeed and learn new things. When you give off positive energy good things come to you, and those around you will feel the positive energy and it will make them want to work on being positive. Just remember baby steps and then it will be natural to you.


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