The Bottom Lip of White Privilege: How Rudy Giuliani’s Teeth Perfectly Symbolize the Shallow Nature of Using Black on Black Crime to deflect from racial injustice

With the continuous rise of police violence against the black community finally gaining traction in mainstream media, many viewers outside of these affected communities are being exposed to the struggles African Americans have been facing for generations. Despite this growing consciousness in mainstream America, the oppressor has never allowed progression to occur without putting forth unrelenting effort to control the narrative. Whiteness is a luxury too beneficial for its constituents to willingly hand over, nonetheless recognize willingly. George Lipsitz supports this point by inserting a quote from the late Dr. Martin Luther King prior to his introduction in “Race, Place, and Power” stating “It is an aspect of their superiority that the white people of America believe they have so little to learn”. This is where Rudy Giuliani feeds off of his only source of relevancy in the public eye.

The ex-mayor of New York City is most prominently known for the prejudicial policies put forth during his administration in the forms of “stop-and-frisk” and “broken windows” policing. In 2016, Giuliani toured media circuits following an increase in murders of black men and women by the hands of law enforcement to try and turn these tragedies into an opportunity to flex his white privilege. Giuliani declares that “the public should focus on black-on-black violence,” rather than unwarranted murder of American citizens by the hands of law enforcement. This might lead one to ponder why Mr. Giuliani is so quick to disregard racial injustice and point the fingers at the oppressed. The answer seems to be clear, it is directly related to Mr. Giuliani’s bottom row of teeth.

Much like police brutality, Rudy Giuliani’s bottom row of teeth are rarely exposed to the public eye. This is most likely due to the fact that when exposed the public is forced to ask the question, “Exactly when the hell did it get this bad?”. Little does the public know that it has pretty much always been this bad and it is only getting worse. The injustices done to Giuliani’s bottom row of teeth as well as the injustices done to the black community by law enforcement has been repeatedly overlooked due to two factors. The ability for the bottom lip that is white privilege to limit the exposure of the damage done, which leads to the direct comparison between the bottom row of teeth and the top row of teeth that is whiteness despite unequal opportunities given to one while depriving the other.

His bottom row of teeth never asked to be raised in Giuliani’s mouth. They have no say in whether Giuliani brushed and flossed them daily, they don’t have the ability to clean themselves, nor the opportunities to buy dental products. They are only one feature of a larger structure, which consistently insists on ignoring them. Nonetheless this doesn’t stop people from refusing to address the issue on a large scale. One might ask why dentist don’t solve this problem, they’d seem to have the expertise to reverse such decay. However, they gain continuous profit from Mr. Giuliani’s’ frequent visits to simply keep the plaque buildup at bay.  Some might even blame the bottom row of teeth themselves.“Why can’t the bottom row be more like Giuliani’s top row of teeth?” “They seem to have managed stability despite living in the same mouth, it surely must be the bottom rows fault for not working to improve themselves.” This observation fails to realize that the only reason Giuliani’ top row of teeth are in any way presentable is due to Giuliani choosing to continuously invest only in making sure his top teeth are healthy for appearances.  The question that seems to be begged most is why would Giuliani as a person would ignore his bottom teeth, while insisting his top teeth portrayed an accurate depiction of his dental health?

This is the same reason why Mr. Giuliani ignores racial injustice and tries to deflect to black on black crime. As Muhammad points out with countless examples in “Mismeasure of crime” the federal government has time and time again given support to working class whites in the forms of guaranteed land, guaranteed loans, and several other incentives to strive in the American sphere, all while completely ignoring the African American community. If Mr. Giuliani (and all of white America) come to terms that the inability for marginalized groups to strive in terms with whites is due to their neglect, apathy, and prejudices, toward these groups than they have to admit that for decades they have been doing things wrong, been acting against their country’s interest, and been advantaged only at the disadvantage of others, then they’ll have to start questioning everything in their lives. Most particularly, their overall dental hygiene.


3 thoughts on “The Bottom Lip of White Privilege: How Rudy Giuliani’s Teeth Perfectly Symbolize the Shallow Nature of Using Black on Black Crime to deflect from racial injustice

  • February 25, 2017 at 4:03 am

    I don’t know who you are, but this made me laugh for 10 minutes straight. Incredibly accurate analysis.

    • February 11, 2021 at 9:04 pm

      I think somebody needs teeth whitening strips and a lobotomy.

  • November 8, 2020 at 1:41 pm

    Dear sir or madam, you my friend are a bona fide legend! Thank you for these quite bonkers, and yet wonderfully life-affirming, musing and metaphor. You’ve made my day!


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