Fasting therapy


Recently I gave my life to God and after doing so I started to read the Bible as a believer. As I am reading I stumbled upon something that I didn’t really know growing up. It was about fasting, I’m sure we all remember the stories of how Jesus fasted and avoided the temptations from the devil, and Moses fasting and creating the ten commandments. Basically I thought fasting was only more so a religious thing to please god.

I just learned it is also an alternative medicine. Therapeutic fasting is defined as the complete abstinence from all substances except pure water in an environment of complete rest. It’s more than just going without food for a couple of days. You have to cut the working, exercising, and worry and just focus on complete rest. You have to be in an no stress, very quiet, supportive environment that will provide the body the opportunity to maximize the self-healing mechanisms.

Fasting is known to be extremely effective in helping the body to quickly resolve the problems that create the need for the symptoms that we know as acute disease. It is also effective utilized in chronic disease.

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  1. Sometimes, if I am sick enough, I may go for a couple of days without eating. Perhaps this is the body telling us what it needs. I often think we need to learn to listen to it more than we do.

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