I think now was a bad time for my to suddenly get back into knitting because I’ve been knitting non-stop until my fingers and wrists hurt haha. Sitting down and watching a few youtube videos while knitting are what my breaks from schoolwork look like. I know we’re all probably stressed about finals anyways (anyone else just feeling burned out? it’s like any lingering ability to focus on stuff left a long time ago, either before or during the early days of the election).

I’ll have to admit I’m gonna miss the class discussions where all of us are just ganging up on an adaption, whether it’s because of an actor’s portrayal or the presentation of a character’s story. Those types of discussions were the most fun to me especially since we were all interacting in chat. My other classes have been pretty hands off in terms of talking to other classmates. I think I have only one other class where I’m regularly responding to my classmates and that’s because we’re all in a Discord server for our group projects.

But all this focus on writing and character arcs has got me really thinking about the kinds of stories I want to start writing once this semester is over. I’ve been having a lot of ideas floating around in my head all semester that I’m just dying to start doing something with when I have the time.

Overall though there’s not a lot I have left to say, other than I really gotta get back to working on my final projects. The analysis essay for this class is thankfully the last final I have, with the rest due way before it so I gotta get those out of the way. I hope everyone else is hanging in there, both during the finals and in the last days of the semester. Online school definitely isn’t for everybody, for both teachers and students, and this year has been all sorts of mixed up and weird but we’re almost across the finish line!