Great Expectations

I think that the 2019 adaptation of Little Women was the one I was most looking forward to and had the highest expectations for. I’m pretty sure I have already mentioned on here that I was not a huge fan of the crosscutting, but at the time of my last post I wasn’t quite sure how to articulate what exactly I thought was wrong with it. So over the past two classes our discussions on the fact that this film borders on not actually being an adaptation, have helped a great deal in approaching the film from a new angle. Part of the beauty of the novel for me is how it’s chronological ordering allows us to see full lives play out and aspirations change. Of course we intend things to work out well for the sisters in the end, but the fact that we are only able to know what is happening in the order in which it happens, keeps a certain level of doubt in us as to how fully their dreams will be realized. Additionally, if the story is political at all, I would argue that it is equally social. Emphasizing the importance of family and friends, as much as it discusses transcendentalism and gender politics. The 2019 film seemed to push the family aspects of the novel mostly to the side, and focus on the politics in such a modern way that it appears to use the novel’s narrative as a vehicle for pushing its own, different message. This is only a criticism of the movie as an adaptation and not a film. A reading of this film as a standalone commentary would be interesting.

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