The end of Little Women

This class feels like it’s ending way too soon, and maybe it’s due to the semester closing pretty much before Thanksgiving or maybe it’s because it feels like we only just started going through the mountainous pile of Little Women adaptations that this world has to offer. Either way, it was an interesting ride watching the adaptations we did manage to get through, especially since I know that I never would’ve watched some of them on my own (hello BBC made-for-tv miniseries). To be honest, I thought each movie/show we watched had its own attributes that made it at least partially enjoyable (even the much-disputed 1945 version), and overall I enjoyed all of them more than I thought I was going to. In the beginning, I was more a fan of Gerwig’s film than the actual story of Alcott’s Little Women, but now I have more of an appreciation for what makes the story so enduring over all these years. And now I can’t wait to start the musical on my own time! Bye blog!

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  1. I agree, it does feel like it is ending way too soon. We went through a lot of material pretty extensively in such a short amount of time. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I got out not just the Little Women book, but the movies and television as well. Having only seen the 2019 film prior to the course, it was quite the ride going through each one despite knowing the story. All of the surprised me, for better or for worse. Definitely inspired me to do adaptation binge of other material.

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