Spotted touch-me-not
Asiatic day flower
Tickseed sunflower
American Beech
Tomato plant
Climbing hempweed
Wild potato vine
False foxglove
Eastern joe-pye weed
American beech trunk
Loblolly vine
American Holly

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Trumpetvine;  Orange trumpetvine – Invasive Found in sunny and shady locations along Belle Isle, Reedy Creek, Buttermilk Trail and North Bank Trail.  Found abundantly on Belle Isle, Reedy Creek and Buttermilk trail. Pinnately compound leaves, toothed margin, elongate shape coming to a point at the tip; Orange trumpet shaped flowers in clusters or 4    … Read More

 Compound leaflets, flowers start out as green to orange pods that then bloom into a pinkish orange flower that is like a funnel. Found in full sun, climbing a fence. Sandy/rocky soil… Read More

Characteristics: broad, flat, compound leaves. Vine. Flower is in bright orange color in the form of trumpet. This particular one grows on clay and silt soil that drains well, on an edge of a rod, next to a train line. Common. Sun. No slope. The plant…… Read More

This tree has tulip-shaped broad/flat leaves that are alternate and simple. It has wavy lobes and is pinnately veined. The flowers that bloom from it are duck-billed shaped.

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Opposite, compound leaves with toothed leaflets. Pinnate venation, orange, trumpet-shaped flowers.… Read More

Yellow a.k.a. Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) Description: Found in Hollywood Cemetery.  Leaves are broad/flat, alternate, simple, 4-6 lobed in tulip-like shape, pinnately veined, buds “duck-bill” shaped, and flowers are white, yellow and orange in color.  The bark is light gray and furrowed.… Read More

  photos by Rumsha Khan in Hollywood Cemetery simple, alternate, tulip-shaped leaves with pinnate veins. Yellow flowers. Also called “Tulip Poplar.”… Read More