Wild onion
Allium sp.
A few wild onions grew near the entrance to the Reedy Creek access road. Most were not quite flowering.

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Sumac (Rhus)
Alternate leaf pattern with pinnately compound, wavy-toothed, smooth leaflets. Leaflets pinnately veined. Yellow/brown cluster of flower at the apex of stem.
Open direct sunlight off trailside.
Found at Belle Isle in Richmond, VA. Common.

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Black Willow
Salix nigra
A small tree with alternating leaves. Leaves are long, thin, and tapering, with fine teeth around the margin. Midribs, petioles and twigs appear red. Bark shreddy. Often growing in a colony with many upright shoots

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Growing tall and erect, in the full sun of meadows, this plant is named after the cone-like center of the flower.  Leaves are nearly as narrow as pine needles, compound with 5 deep lobes, leaves grow at the base and mid way up the stem. Flowers in 8 parts, are maroon with golden edged petals […]… Read More

Tripsacum dactyloides Long serrated grass leaves which are nearly an inch in width, growing in a very dense clump along a meadow.  Tall, 6′+ flower stem with dangling brown-rust colored spikes.  Monoecious plant, both male and female flower structures grow on one stem.  Basal leaves.… Read More

 The tree grows on the edge of the trail in a slightly shady habitat. The button bush has fruits that protrude off a long stem. This bush was uncommon on Belle Isle. The leaves on the bush were simple.… Read More

Characteristics: Opportunistic flower ( not a grass). Broad, flat leaves with teeth .Have very light green colored flowers and seeds. This particular one grows on rocky, sandy, poor soil, on an edge of a rod. Common. Sun. No slope. The plant was by itself on a sandy soil.… Read More

On the  both pictures but better seen in right image is Sycamore tree. Tipical peeling bark. Peeled part is lighter in color. Leaves are flat, broad, 3 – lobed. Roots in this particular one are in the water. This tree was associated with River birch, Oak and Black willow. Their roots were also in the water.… Read More

Characteristics: Flat, long, pointed leaves. Low growing. Spiky floral part.  Common. Found in meadow, next to a path, on clay and slit soil that drains well but can also hold water well. Sun. No slope. The plant was associated with trumpet vine and grasses.… Read More

Characteristics: Toxicity controlled by hormones. Opposite, compound leaves.Stem is in green and purple, grayish in the base. Abundant. Found on the edge of not dry meadow and forest, next to a path on clay and silt soil that can hold water but drains well. Sunny. About 10-15 feet from water. The plant was associated with […]… Read More

Characteristics: Herbaceous flowering plant in the genus Ambrosia,Asteracae family. Flat, broad, lobed leaves. Can cause allergic reactions . Flower part is light green color. Found in sunny part of meadow on clay and silt soil. The plant was associat…… Read More