Mexican Hat or Upright Prarie Coneflower
Ratibida columnifera
A rare plant, only a few individuals were seen growing along the access road. Flowers were compound, placing them in the daisy flower. Psuedanth was cone or finger shaped. Petals were multic…… Read More

Found growing along the North Bank Trail in a moist, sunny environment, this plant is a member of the smartweed family.  It has simple, alternate, entire leaves and pink/red/white flowers.… Read More

Flower is a nodding inflorescence, reddish in color. Found growing along the path at Reedy Creek. Partially covered by the canopy but still getting a good amount of sun. Soil is fairly dry with lots of herbaceous species growing.
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Lady’s Thumb (Persicaria maculosa) aka Redshank Long, pointed, pinnately veined leaves with no lobes or teeth. White central vein. Simple and alternate leaf pattern. Clustered pink/red flower buds at the apex of the stem. Open direct sunlight at dry hillside. Found at North Bank Trail in Richmond, VA. Abundant.  … Read More

Albizia julibrissin or Silk Tree Mimosa trees have bipinnately compound leaves, leaflets are less than an inch long, complete, ovate, oblong and delicate.  With the multitude of small leaflets the leaves appear soft and almost feathery.  Growing along forest edges, in open canopy areas in forests and along water ways these exotic looking trees bloom pin-cushion […]… Read More

Whirled leaves, pink hanging flower in 6 parts, inside the flower is a pinkish-red and yellow with dark spots, Located on the edge of a moist swamp/meadow area.
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Characteristics: Whirled, flat leaves. Flower is yellow and red. On the pot of the plant there are 6 regular flower parts. Flower is nodding. Uncommon. Found in forest, next to a path, on clay soil. Shade. No slope. The plant was associated with trumpet vine, pawpaw and common plantain.… Read More

-whorled leaves
-coral pink/red and yellow flowers
-facing downward
-growing in shade
-moist soil
-flower parts in 6
-very rare
-drooping flower, nodding flower
-petals, sepals spreading and partially curled backwards
-found in meadows and swamps
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-white blotches on leaflets -flower right on top of petals -doesn’t have a stock on it -even though they are purple, this is a red clover… Read More

-red little flower structures
-long smooth grass
-full sunlight
-moist soil
-soil retains water but good drainage
-silty, sandy, clay soil
-found in meadow, very hot day
-located 10-15 ft away from the water
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Characteristics: Herbaceous flowering plant. Composite flowers in dark red and yellow color in the form of cone. Alternate flat, very thin leaves. Abundant. Found in sunny part of meadow on clay and silt. The plant was associated with out grass and ot…… Read More

Cone flower was commonly found on the trail leading to reedy creek. Located in a direct sunlight environment with the high bush clover. The flowers petals have red base and yellow tips.
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  Canada Lily – whirled leaves, 7 leaflets, 4-6′ tall, nodding/hanging red and yellow flowers in 6 parts, leaflets spread out and downward, curling backwards found in moist soil along shady pathway in location recently flooded by high river levels.… Read More

This shurb has broad/flat and compound leaves. It is pinnately veined and has a toothed margin. The leaflet stems are red, and the leaflets are smooth. It grows red flowers.

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Compound leaves are flat, singly-toothed, and leaflets can be longer than 3 inches. Stems are red, and it blooms into red fuzzy flowers. Bark is very smooth.… Read More