Texas Beach The soil is wet and in direct sunlight.  Edge of the river with a lot of rocks.  There are sycamores and river birches.  There also sweetgum which is unusual.  A lot of water willow, low vegetation.  All plants growing well in this environments.… Read More

Environment: northbank trail of the river, south-facing slopes, medium sunlight, tall canopy, river is immediate, moist and sandy soils 1. Bladdernut – highly abundant 2. Spicebush – abundant 3. Black Locust 4. Honeysuckle Vine 5. Pokeweed 6. Pink Knotweed 7. Honewort 8. Boxelder 9. American Elm 10. American Sycamore 11. River Birch 12. American Holly … Continue reading Day 16: Texas Beach Read More

This is the Honey Locust tree found on the Pipeline of the James River in Richmond, Va. This tree has bipinnately compound leaves that are bright green in color. It has cream colored flowers and flat pod fruit. The branches have thorns. Images found: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=honey+locust&view=detailv2&&&id=2B9EA39C35E0031F32CC76BE3E37B619096F93F6&selectedIndex=8&ccid=DxJpqaCk&simid=608023471131459859&thid=JN.ACICvIjfiOWDVxRhXmevHw&ajaxhist=0 http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=honey+locust&view=detailv2&id=37AC2E73C7DD2F29CB87FD86785E58A497E9DFF0&selectedindex=7&ccid=iTCAXH8o&simid=608025137576739785&thid=JN.TzpaYDbcipdZj2kgMfpUjg&mode=overlay&first=1… Read More

This area was definitely a mix between Reedy Creek and Pony Pasture next to the river. 1. Water Willow, seen at Reedy creek and Pipeline, high abundance, no morphological differences, full sunlight, in the water, moist/wet soil. 2. Winged Elm, seen at Dogwood Dell, low/rare abundance (only saw one), only morphological difference would be it … Continue reading Texas Beach Trail Read More

Environment was very similar to that of Pony Pasture due to moist soil and partial sunlight exposure. Due to it being next to the river, there were many aquatic plants present. Some plants seen: Pawpaw- abundant. Found as an understory tree on the edges of trail. Spricebush- abundant. The color of spicebush leaves varied, as […]… Read More