Dr. Dianne Jennings (VCU Biology), or Dr. J as we all call her, created the Field Botany course during the summer of 2011.  A year later she invited Ms. Jill Reid (VCU Biology) to teach a simultaneous section.  Since then the duo has been on the lookout for a way to publicly showcase the hard work of the students and RamPages has provided the platform.  The course and this site are the combined efforts of the instructors (Dr. J and Ms. Reid), their awesome students, our website guru Tom Woodward at VCU ALT Lab, our media guru Molly Ransone at VCU ALT Lab, and our course designer, ‘mentor-for-life’ and biggest cheerleader Joyce Kincannon also at VCU ALT Lab.


Each student has their own website which pulls into this one.  Here are the students by year along with their respective websites:

Summer 2014:

Jashelle Davis

Carrie Edmonds

Jackie Ernest

Iqra Haji

Maryum Ijaz

Mphamvu Kalengamaliro

Rumsha Khan

Jesslyn Mundy

Michelle Nuckols

Ryan Olsen

Travis Roush

Diona Ruffner

Galina Slavova-Hernandez

Tyler Tupper

Alex Welch

Richard Xiao

Sheryl Yaconiello


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  • I have been trying to figure out what kind of trees were in front of my childhood home (no longer there). They were chunky, fat-looking trees with knobby bark. The leaves were large, wide, almost heart-shaped. They grew long pod-like things and we always called it them “cigar trees”. Dad trimmed them annually and they were great shade trees as well as conversational because they looked so different. In Northwest Ohio.

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