At first I thought this resembled a black currant plant, but I found the "berry" to have a pit in it. I can't find any information about black dupes with these distinctive leaves.… Read More

We feel this is some kind of Dogwood. It is creating vine like roots as it grows up and around our fence. It acts like an evergreen because the leaves never fall off this particular variety.… Read More

A couple of these whips under 2 DBH found in a north eastern US woodlot. Opposite branching, no discernible scent. Can’t figure out if it’s some kind of dogwood or just a shrub. Rhiannon… Read More

Paulownia tomentosa

The leaves are simple and arranged in an opposite fashion. The leaf is a big heart.

The branches of the tree are dark green-brown with white spots.
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Platanus occidentalis

Leaves are simple, broad, and flat arranged in an alternate fashion. Lobes are present in the leaf. The leaf also has irregularly shaped teeth. The bark is green and white and will peel to an interior white layer. The seeds are i…… Read More

Asimina triloba

The leaves are simple without lobes or teeth and over 5 inches long. The leaves will yield an unpleasant odor when crushed (like asphalt). The leaves are wider at the end and thinner near the stem.

The bark appears to be smoot…… Read More

Liquidambar styraciflua   Leaves are simple with small teeth in a star shape. Lobes are present and the leaf is palmately veined. Seed is contained on a spiky ball on a long stem.  … Read More

Tree has warty bark (distinctive characteristic) Broad, flat, simple leaf arranged in an alternate fashion. Small teeth (singly toothed) present on edges located between veins. Three main veins present in leaf  (distinctive character). … Read More

Broad and flat leaf with alternate arrangement. Leaves are simple and are clustered at the end of the twig.  Leaves are bristle-tipped.  Tree produces acorn nuts. … Read More

  Simple, broad and flat leaves in the shape of a tulip.   Leaf is light green on the bottom and dark green on the top. Lobes are present, but there are no teeth. The leaf is pinnately veined. Light green fruit is present. Leaves are arranged alternately. The bud located on the leaf looks […]… Read More

  Simple, broad and flat leaves with opposite arrangement. No lobes or teeth on leaf. Small red fruit present.     Veining towards top of leaf (distinctive characteristic) Alligator bark (distinctive characteristic) … Read More

Red Maple (Acer rubrum) Location: Hollywood Cemetery This tree has broad, flat, simple leaves, that have opposite orientation,  are palmately veined, and have 3 to 5 lobes that can appear to have scales.… Read More

Yellow Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) also called Tulip Poplar Location: Hollywood Cemetery The leaves of this tree are broad, flat, pinnately veined, lobbed, and simple leaves. The tree is an angiosperm that produces flowering parts that resemble tulips. The bark is brown and furrowed.… Read More

Eastern Redbud (Cercis Canadensis) Location:  Oregon Hill The leaves are broad, flat, alternate, simple, and not lobed (heart shaped). The Eastern Redbud is not found in swamp areas or around water.… Read More