Man-Computer Symbiosis Revision

I think that I can relate with Brian’s post about how easy it is to lose things. I bought a new phone from Verizon half a year ago and the sales associate wound up erasing all of my pictures, like my daughter’s first birthday, (even though he swore up and down that he backed it all up) before I could get them printed (and before I knew how to transfer the files onto an SD card. It’s also scary to think that even though the memory can’t be erased, it can simply be overwritten.

I also think that Cassie makes a valid point. Computers have unlimited information, but they cannot properly interpret the information for specific scenarios. If we rely on a computer for everything we are all going to be like a hypochondriac on a diagnosis site. Also, without books we do not have completely reliable texts. You can alter articles and blogs, etc. but once in a text it takes a lot more to alter.

Emely makes a good point about not being able to get proper human interation through the use of social media. I think that the more electronic we are, the less likely we are going to communicate with others. I know lots of kids that just stay in their room on the computer and talk to their 4654153 friends on Facebook or Tumblr or whatever they have out now. I also think that this has an impact on books. You can just get an electronic version of a book now and I think that there is nothing better than good ol’ glue and paper. Holding something like a book gets you connected and doesn’t fry your corneas. With books you can meet people at a book store, talk with someone about it specifically, etc. Even though I know you can buy an electronic version in-store, who really does that? Books have been around for ages and it is an essential part of being human.


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