Augmenting Human Intellect

“These notecards represent much more than just an in formation file. They provide a workspace for me, in which I can browse, make additions or corrections, or build new sets of thought kernels with a good deal of freedom.”


This quote really jumped out at me. The notecards are something that are more to him than an organizational tool. They have meaning to him. It’s like the file system is the backbone to his work life the way he writes about it. Downside, a machine is pretty much running his organization. I spend hours making sure that I have everything the way it has to be, I have about 234978 different notations spread in different areas to make sure I remember something. I am depending on myself. He is depending on a system that does it for him. I mean, yeah sure, work smarter not harder, but part of worker smarter is allowing your brain to actually remember the things you need to do, not have it dropped at your desk at a time you think is appropriate. It is like a PDA. I could not rely on something like that, I have to rely on myself to remember and run my life.

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