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I really thought that the kitty litter post was interesting. I love science and I think that growing up with my grandfather using kitty litter for all kinds of wacky things, prepared me to not be surprised that something like litter could be used with nuclear waste. I also think that it is funny organic litter almost killed us (sweet, sweet irony).


I don’t know really what to write about. I have my set opinions on things and when I think of the craft of arguing I think argumentative essay. I do not want to write about the serious opinions I have and then state several reasons as to why what I think is write and persuade you into the same train of thinking.


Until I read the kitty litter post and actually started to write my own post that I am literally typing at this moment, I had not a clue of what to write about.

Thinking on the lines of animals. I love them and am passionate about them. Or maybe something to do with fine art. Probably more along the lines of the animals.

I think that choosing a topic like animals with having to use the internet is going to give me so many different types of search results and information, but it will be something that won’t be along the lines of writing a thesis for a scientific journal.




My first link  is about why it is important to study oceans. This is going to raise questions about what exactly we study about the ocean and why it is relevant to our lives. Some people always say that we shouldn’t delve into the unknown, but without searching for reasons we are alive and how things we work, we won’t advance as a species and won’t better help “save” what is left of our crumpling world. (ex. we have discovered that fracking for oil is what is causing a lot of tsunamis).

My second link is about the different instruments that we utilize for our studies. I think that it is very important to know the types of technology we are using, because it helps us get a better understanding of how things work. Kind of like a manual, if that makes sense. It shows us different items that do different things. Someone reading this that is not “into science” would automatically be like “what the heck am I even looking at” just by reading some of the names. I think that the question “why is it even necessary” because someone isn’t going to understand the technicalities of the instruments and even by reading the description still might not know. It could seem pointless to them.

My third link is about a recent find about small marine life that has changed/changes the actual chemistry of the ocean by their urination. This may seem really pointless to some, but it is actually a really big discovery. Just think that something as small as krill or crustaceans have altered the chemical makeup of 71% of Earth by their urine. Something they make naturally more than once a day.

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