Creating A Fantic Blog Site

I do not really like the blog set up for rampages. I am used to Tumblr and MySpace (yes, old MySpace) how you can edit every single aspect of the blog. Depending on the theme you chose, there were not many options to what you could really edit. I put a background image and a header image that I felt was a way to make my posts pop, but have a subtle interesting thing to look at in your peripheral. I also named my blog and changed font color. With other blogs way back in the day, I was really into that coding crap for the blogs. I don’t really see how this helps me present my project except for giving the reader something nice to look at. I guess “capturing” their eye. In all honestly I was really frustrated with the process of customizing, because either an image I chose would be so zoomed in you could see every pixel or a theme just didn’t let you put in a background image. I went through about 12 header images before I found one suitable. I didn’t want an about page or plug-ins or anything like that. I wanted something simple yet appealing. I have never really liked any of my blogs to have things like that. I always wanted everything right there in front of you, very simple.

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