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The particular example captured in the pictures shows patients lining up for service in emergency. It indicates that there is insufficient staff available in that important area.


I picked this as my nugget, because of how short staffed the emergency room actually is. We should all know how long it takes to wait to be seen in the emergency room and most of the time it’s the few hours spent before even being checked in. The billboards on the side of the highway that tell you how long the wait is (not telling you that it’s the wait to be checked in). Not only that, but the service seems to be “get them the heck out of here as quick as possible” because it’s how many people we can treat in a short amount of time instead of how accurately the treatment is and how to make sure the patient has a speedy recovery. I remember times where when I would be put in the room waiting for the physician to see me or sometimes anyone to see me. The medical field will always have people coming into it and looking for work. There is no reason that the ER should be understaffed. Funding shouldn’t be an option when someone’s life could be on the line. Especially when we have so much technology out there. The other day I really needed to go to the ER and didn’t because of how packed it was and how slow it would take for me to been seen and treated.

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  1. I think this is a real issue in todays technologically advanced society. If we cant have descent and reliable healthcare then what is important in a technologically advanced society? Nothing is more important than health. Hope you will find solutions to these problems and get answers from local politicians since they are the responsible parties for this inconvienence to say the least!

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