Progress Report 2

Although it does not say it for this week, I wanted to go ahead and post a progress report. I feel that recently with Dr. Becker posting to us to comment on others gives me a more solid ground when it compares with the syllabus. I feel that I am navigating better. I would really like to have more specifics on what is wanted from the assignments, I still feel that I really don’t grasp what is wanted of me. I also feel that my way of thinking is different. After I posted my inquiry project posts and read others, I don’t feel that I am “on the same page” so to speak. Like, my topic does have something to do with what we have read, but I think it is in another region of thinking/concepts. I did choose a topic that I find interesting, argumentative, coincides with the ideas of the course (to my understanding), and that I can actually talk about and not be a clone of someone else’s topic. By reading other posts, it gave me the feeling that the course “concept” is broad, that it is kind of closed, because we connect with technology in so many ways and its impact is incomprehensible so there are more than just three topics.

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