Finalizing My Dream

I think that Harpreet and Thien from our section fit best with mine. Harpreet because of personal views and technological advancements. Thien because of communication, advancements, and views.

I went on Thought Vectors to find the two others (irritating by far to find specific posts) and found that Tiera and Jayden are similar to mine. Tiera mainly because we used the same authors and she talked about how technology has improved communication which was a similar concept I talked about. Jayden because they talk about views on technology, communication, and technological advancements (in theirs it is Machine Application in Human Affairs).


It is pretty crazy how we have very similar ideas that we took from the readings. I think that that is a good thing considering how the readings were long, packed full of information, and each had a decent amount of concepts that we could have pulled from them.

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