Connecting Peer’s Nuggets

I do not know the name of this person, but their topic is really interesting in the fact that it is really different. It makes me feel less worried about my topic, because mine is so different. I always thought that online shopping was fairly safe, but lord don’t tell my grandma how low the risks are!

I think that Melanie ‘s post is the most relatable, because I used to have an eating disorder. It always helps others that have/had common illnesses to know that they aren’t alone; actually admitting it makes it real and it makes you stronger talking about it. Never be ashamed, but learn from the past. I always had heard of websites like this and saw movies about teens who would use these websites and I think that it is a great topic to talk about. I like how her topic is about something that is kind of different from the common ideas.

I think that Madelenie’s topic is really interesting, because I personally always hated doing discussion boards for online classes. I do not like interacting with others and I never found it helpful to understand subject content. This class is actually the first online where I had no idea what the heck to do and found it helpful with other blogs being visible (which in reality it just confused me, because I guess I took in the content differently).


I think that my course mates are going to do well on their projects. It seems that they have a good ground to stand on so far. I also like how their topics are pretty different.


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