Connecting Nuggets

Fisheries and sustainable resources of the ocean are important.

  1. Roughly 25% of the protein used by people comes from fish.
  2. So many fish have been taken from the ocean that the fish populations have collapsed almost everywhere.
    1. The loss of fish changes the marine food webs.
    2. Changing food webs affect other life and processes in the sea.
  3. How many fish can be caught?


There are several, several reasons that we should be studying the ocean. For one of my resources, the overview had this listed as one of the reasons to study it. We take for granted the “natural food sources” that we have here on Earth, we over hunt/fish/pick produce/etc. without thinking about the consequences, because we are either money hungry or gluttonous with foods. Yes, fish is delicious, but taking so much because we are able to is not the right thing to do. Shop more for “farm raised” fish in stores or just stop, because without fish, the ocean itself is going to alter for the worse. With oceanographic equipment, we can map the decrease in fish populations and how the ocean is coping with fewer inhabitants.

This topic goes with my previous nugget, because that was a counterargument about why we should fund space exploration and not give more funds to oceanic exploration/technology. With giving major examples in my paper about common known things about the ocean (we all know where fish come from and that we eat it) it will help give a  common ground for the reader to connect on a more personal level with the inquiry project.

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