Persuasion Map

persuasion map

It wouldn’t let me put my full conclusion, so this is it as of right now:

The ocean covers 71 percent (NOAA) of the Earth’s surface and contributes almost entirely to all of the natural phenomenon. Without the ocean we would not be able to breathe, entire ecosystems and thousands of marine life would perish, there would not be a climate, precipitation would stop and we would suffer from a toxic amount of salinity. Less than 5% of the ocean has been explored, leaving room for speculation as to what we would find like food sources, natural resources, new ecosystems, new geography, and the best outcome: an understanding. For us to grow as a species, and more importantly survive, we have to take care of what is providing us our essentials. With more investments made to oceanographic technology, we will get closer and closer everyday too securing a healthy life for humans, the ocean, and all of Earth.

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