Inquiry Project Platform

For my inquiry project, I chose to use another RamPages site. I think that this platform suits my needs for the essay. I am accustomed to it now and I did not really like the set-up of Wix or Weebly, and I do not think that a platform like Tumblr would really suit my needs for this particular course. I think that Tumblr is a website more for a different type of blogging (e.g. media sharing, emotional posts) and not something that should be used for an argument essay. Wix and Weebly seemed like more of the type of website that would be used long-term (more specifically there was a “start free trial” on one of the pages and I would forget and be charged). Specifically, I really liked the theme I used on my regular blog and I found it perfect for what I wanted to do to customize my inquiry project blog site.

Here is the link to my site

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