Persuasion Map 2

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I did not feel that I had to really change my persuasion map. I liked how I put quotes for different topics I would be talking about for each reason, that way it would feel more formal and “credible.” I still wish that I could have had more space for my conclusion, because I feel that mine is pretty strong. Another thing is that some of the examples use “big words” and I think that that will interest the reader and get them to be like “what the heck is that” and feel an impulse to look into on their own. I think that that is good for my reader(s), because then they may not be “blind” to what I am talking about regardless if I am going to write like they have absolutely no idea as to what I am talking about. Some of the facts I think will also may the reader have a “no way” moment. So, to me, I think that my current persuasion map is well done.

persuasion map

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