Ethical Reasoning

Everyone has personal values that helps them differentiate right from wrong. In some situations, making decisions that are morally right can be a difficult task. In the reading “The Cost of Caring” by Rachel Aviv, Emma has to decide whether to stay with her numerous children with a low paying job to provide for them or leave them to find a better paying job in America to provide for them. She ultimately leaves her kids and goes to America to become a nanny for a wealthy family. It is debatable whether or not her decision was morally right but in the end, it was the only way to put her kids through college so that they could get jobs for themselves. If she stayed with them, her kids would have been at risk of malnutrition and probably work at a low paying job because they didn’t have the money to go through college. Although Emma made a smart decision, she hasn’t seen her kids in 16 years.

3 thoughts on “Ethical Reasoning

  1. It is always hard to leave children behind and move to another country, but she was doing what she thought would be the most beneficial for her children in the long run. This could also be an example of utilitarianism because she was looking past her own self interest and making a decision that would be the most positive outcome for the greater number. Great post.

  2. I honestly cannot imagine how hard it must have been to just leave her family. To know that thousands of families are separated just to make ends meet is heartbreaking to me. I definitely agree with what you said though. If Emma had not left her children and stayed in the Philippines, she would not be able to fully support them. This just goes to show that we have to make hard choices to support those we love.

  3. The dilemma is hard and thats a lot of missed birthdays for the kids I would imagine the kids would be so happy to see there mother and that she can afford college for them and in the long run it really sets up her kids for success.

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